Month: December 2013

More About Music – Protect Your Hearing with Electronic Music Monitors

If you are a true audiophile or a budding professional musician, passive hearing protection may not be the best answer. The world of electronic music monitors has exploded in the last few years and there are now more options than ever. The noise isolation and canceling properties of the latest products have become so sophisticated that they are as solidly 

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Hearing — and Understanding — the World Around You Takes More Than Your Ears

In a noisy, crowded room, your brain can pick up subtle parts of speech and automatically arrange them into useful thoughts. Ever wondered how this miraculous feat happens? Well, new research brings us closer to understanding just that. Researchers at Trinity College in Dublin were able to pinpoint the regions of the brain responsible for processing each individual sound that 

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Musicians and Fans are at Greater Risk for Hearing Loss

For musicians and avid fans alike, the allure of music is undeniable, but the toll it can take on your hearing is often underestimated. Whether you’re singing your heart out, mastering an instrument, or simply reveling in the sounds of your favorite tunes, your ears may be at greater risk than you realize. The sad truth is that most conventional 

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