Comprehensive Hearing Tests

As we age, developing some form of hearing loss is virtually inevitable. But if you’ve noticed lately that you haven’t been hearing as well as you think you should, there’s no better time than now to schedule a hearing test with Vibrant Hearing. Our audiologists will conduct an in-depth evaluation at our Missoula, Montana, clinic that will tell us the extent of your hearing loss and help us find the best solutions for you.Woman undergoing a hearing test

The Hearing Evaluation Process

Hearing testing is much more complex than simply putting a pair of headphones on you and asking you to identify sounds (though that is an important part of the process). Here’s what you can expect during your appointment at Vibrant Hearing:

  • Your audiologist will begin with a round of questioning, focusing on your personal and family medical history as well as the levels of noise you’re regularly exposed to.
  • Then, your provider will conduct a thorough examination of your outer ears, ear canals, and eardrums to identify or rule out any obstructions or damage.
  • After the physical portion of the test, you’ll be asked to complete:
    • A pure-tone test in which we measure your ability to hear at different tones and volumes
    • A speech assessment to determine how well you can understand quiet and loud conversations in calm and noisy environments
    • An air pressure test to measure how well your eardrum and middle ear muscles react to changes in pressure

Your hearing test results will be documented on an audiogram, which will show us how much difficulty you have hearing sounds in high or low pitches.

More Than Just a Hearing Exam

Did you know that there is an increased risk of dementia development among people suffering from hearing loss? That’s why, at Vibrant Hearing, we offer cognitive function testing in conjunction with our hearing tests. We use state-of-the-art, FDA-cleared Cognivue technology that tests your functioning in a matter of minutes. While this is not a diagnostic tool, it can help you get a better understanding of your brain’s health.

Western Montana’s Most Trusted Hearing Test Provider

Contact Vibrant Hearing today to schedule a hearing test appointment at our Missoula clinic. We’re proud to treat patients from all over Western Montana.

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