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Vibrant Hearing provides unique solutions to meet every patient’s needs.

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Our Audiology Services

Hearing Tests

Do you feel as though you’re not hearing as clearly as you used to? Our comprehensive, four-step hearing evaluation will help you understand your situation and help us craft a treatment plan.


Tinnitus Treatment

If you’re dealing with a persistent ringing in one or both ears, you have a case of tinnitus. Our expert audiologists can help lessen the impact this incurable condition has on your life.


Pediatric Audiology

When your child is learning about the world around them and how it works, hearing loss can be a large roadblock to their development. Early identification and treatment can help your child live their best life.


Hearing Aids

We offer plenty of effective, discreet hearing aids, as well as repair services, accessories, cleaning and care products, batteries, streaming products and apps, and even Bluetooth-compatible devices.


Hearing Protection

Whether you’re an avid concertgoer or you work in construction, your ability to hear is crucial. If your job or lifestyle constantly exposes you to loud noises, taking steps to protect your hearing now will go a long way toward maintaining healthy hearing in the future.


Aural Rehabilitation

If you’re dealing with the effects of hearing loss, you may benefit from our aural rehabilitation programming. This is available in individual or group settings for children and adults alike.


Occupational Hearing Conservation

Did you know that occupational hearing loss is one of the most common work-related illnesses that afflict United States workers? We offer comprehensive testing, training, and other services to help you protect your employees’ hearing.


Montana’s VA Hearing Program

Our state’s excellent VA Hearing Program provides a high level of care for our veterans. At Vibrant Hearing, we’ll be pleased to tell you more about the program and how you can benefit from it.

Comprehensive Hearing Care

Providing Patient-Centered Audiology Services in Western Montana

Hearing loss may be a common condition for many people, but that doesn’t mean it has a simple, one-size-fits-all solution. There are so many nuances with hearing loss, as well as its treatment, that the best way to ensure your needs are met is to find an audiologist that will design a treatment plan specifically for you. If you’re in Western Montana, you can find that at Vibrant Hearing. Our top-caliber audiology services will help you live a life of healthier hearing and manage your condition as effectively as possible.

Our Approach

Hearing Care Solutions

Regardless of which audiology service you need, we’ll begin your first visit with a four-step hearing test to paint a clearer picture of your condition. Once we have that, our hearing care professionals will use this understanding to create your unique treatment plan using the latest best practices and cutting-edge technology. Whether it’s as simple as getting you the proper in-ear monitors for on-stage performances or as complex as treating auditory processing disorder (APD), you can expect to receive the utmost care and professionalism from Vibrant Hearing.

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