Manage Your Hearing Loss With an Aural Rehabilitation Program

Hearing loss may be something you have to live with, but it doesn’t have to derail your quality of life. In fact, with the proper aural rehabilitation methods, you can effectively adapt to life with impaired hearing. Here at Vibrant Hearing, we help people from all over Western Montana improve their quality of life by designing rehabilitation programs suited to their needs.Happy middle-aged couple watching TV. Woman is adjusting the volume

About Aural Rehab

The purpose of aural rehabilitation is not unlike that of going to physical rehab after undergoing surgery. Whether you’ve found out you have hearing loss or have just had a knee replacement, you’re learning how to adjust after losing some level of functionality. Hearing rehabilitation, however, isn’t painful like physical therapy. Your rehab can be offered in individual or group settings and will teach you:

  • More about your condition
  • How to communicate more effectively
  • Proper hearing aid use and maintenance
  • What you can get to complement your use of a hearing aid
  • Where else you can turn to for support

It’s highly unlikely that two patients will benefit equally from the same aural rehabilitation program because both people and their types of hearing loss can vary so greatly. This is why Vibrant Hearing takes a patient-centered approach rather than promoting one specific method.

Schedule Your Aural Rehabilitation Assessment With Us

Vibrant Hearing is ready to help you or your child improve your hearing and communication abilities with our aural rehabilitation services. Schedule an appointment to visit our Missoula, MT, clinic today.

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