Month: February 2014

Understanding Speech in Noise

‘ One of the primary complaints I hear from people with hearing loss is how hard it is to understand what others are saying when there is background noise. As sophisticated as hearing aid technology has become, there is still no solution that is as effective as we would all wish. Part of the problem is the hearing aids don’t 

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What is Closed-Captioning?

Did you know the first demonstration of closed-captioning was held at Gallaudet College in 1972? The first TV show? Mod Squad! Real-time captioning was developed in 1982 when court reporters were trained to give television viewers virtually instant access to live news, sports and entertainment broadcasts. During the 1980s, television networks began to caption their shows, but viewers had to 

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The One You Love

As we age and our bodies betray us; the last thing that remains are the human voice and meaningful words. Speaking and listening are often the last thread of connection we have with each other. Caring for someone we love who also has a hearing loss and dementia can be particularly hard. How do you know if the communication problems 

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Getting Used to Hearing Aids

#1- Wear them all day, every day. It is tempting to leave your hearing aids on the dresser when you’re home alone or will be in a quiet environment for hours. But think about that for a minute. Your ears are always ‘on’ even in the most peaceful times. Because an area is quiet does not mean it is completely 

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