Month: October 2020

Hunting and Hearing Protection

There’s nothing like National Protect Your Hearing Month in October to bring two important passions together — hearing health and hunting. If you love being in the great outdoors to get that perfect shot, we want to help you make it happen without hearing loss. Here’s what you need to know about safeguarding your ears while maintaining your A-game. What’s 

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Understanding Tinnitus: Causes, Types, and Management

Tinnitus, a common condition, affects millions, often in subtle ways that escape notice. An estimated 50 to 60 million individuals experience the peculiar sensation of phantom ringing, whistling, or buzzing sounds, typically perceivable only to them. A smaller percentage, around 1 to 2 percent, find tinnitus debilitating. Although no cure exists, treatment can significantly improve their quality of life and 

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