Month: January 2023

Rights and Resources for Montana Students and Employees

Whether you’re in school or the workforce, there are hearing service programs available to you. Below we highlight help for both students and employees. Students If you’re a recent high school graduate or current college student, check out the hearing services programs available at our local colleges. Our public educational institutions offer services to students who have hearing loss, wear 

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How is Your Child’s Hearing?

The human body is uniquely resilient and adaptable, overcoming debilitating infections, viruses, bacteria, and congenital difficulties, including hearing loss. A bevy of recent studies suggests that our children may not get all the quality hearing care they need to succeed academically, socially, and professionally. Yet, with all the developmental difficulties associated with pediatric hearing loss, catching hearing loss early usually 

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The Evolution of Hearing Technology: From Ear Trumpets to Digital Marvels

Modern hearing technology is truly remarkable, with devices so small they’re practically invisible, waterproof options, and advanced features that allow you to stream music and phone calls directly to your ears. But how did we arrive at this point? Let’s take a journey through the annals of hearing aid history to discover the fascinating evolution of hearing technology. Prehistory The 

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