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New Tech for a New Year

With hearing tech is in its heyday, we want to tell you about three AGX® series we’re excited about. AGXR Q Available in replaceable-battery and rechargeable options, the AGXR is a standout. You hear more of what’s around you, what you hear is more nuanced, loud sounds aren’t distorted, and soft sounds don’t get lost in background noise. Plus, you 

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Online Hearing Tests: Can They Help?

From blood-pressure kiosks in retail stores and vision exams online to home kits that test for HIV, blood-sugar levels, colon cancer, and more, the do-it-yourself approach to health screening continues to expand as the demand for greater convenience and consumer empowerment grows. Even online hearing tests are a part of the DIY mix, but do they work? What role can 

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The Hearing Health Portal at Vibrant Hearing

In this day of technology it’s easy to connect with each other. But since our schedules don’t always mesh there may be times you are unable to contact us during our regular business hours. So when it’s convenient for you, you can call and leave a message, email us or connect with us via social media: our website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn and we’ll get back 

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