Month: June 2014

How Hearing Loss Affects Our Bodily Processes

Our bodies require clean fuel and nutrients to run properly. Research over the past several decades has shown that hearing health is closely related to many bodily processes, including memory, heart function, blood health, and even stress and anxiety. Whether those processes cause or simply indicate a hearing impairment is still up for debate, but the correlations are there. Knowing 

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Tips to Help You Hear Better When Dining Out

If you wear hearing aids, you are intimately familiar with how hard it can be to have an easy conversation with someone in a restaurant. Between the dishes, inevitably poor acoustics, and the conversations of other diners, it’s no wonder there is more eating than talking. Although there are no perfect solutions, there are a few ways you can make 

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Why Your Ears Itch

At least once every day, someone comes to the clinic and reports they have itchy ears. There are too many individual causes to list; however, there do seem to be some commonalities. Over cleaning. Go easy on the cotton swabs and tissues. Your ears make oils and cerumen which coat and condition the ear canal to protect it from dryness, 

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How to Keep Your Hearing Aids Dry

At Vibrant Hearing, our mantra is “you wear them, we’ll take care of them”. The most common cause of hearing aid failure and non-routine maintenance is moisture. But not the type of moisture you might be thinking of. Most modern hearing aids are able to tolerate the occasional shower or dunking. If you do accidentally get the hearing aids wet, 

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Heart Health and Hearing: What’s the Connection?

Scores of studies over the decades have shown a direct and unarguable relationship between cardiovascular disease and hearing loss. Hearing loss occurs 54% more often in people with heart disease. But it takes more than the ears to hear. Sure, the ears pick up the sound and, to do so accurately, they must be healthy, but it is the brain 

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