Why Your Ears Itch

At least once every day, someone comes to the clinic and reports they have itchy ears. There are too many individual causes to list; however, there do seem to be some commonalities.

Over cleaning. Go easy on the cotton swabs and tissues. Your ears make oils and cerumen which coat and condition the ear canal to protect it from dryness, bacteria, and fungus. The more you scratch at them, the more likely you are to itch. If you give your ears a break for two weeks, you will likely notice the itching has reduced significantly. Can’t stand that tickle-y after-shower feeling? Just wrap your little finger in a soft tissue and gently dry the outer portion of the canal. Gently.

The itching could also be caused by your hearing aids. If you wear the type of aid with the little wire and dome, the dome might be the culprit. We all have tiny little hairs at the entrance of the ear canal and the domes might tickle them a little. If you have had you hearing aids for more than two weeks and they still cause itchiness, tell your audiologist and she will change the size of them to something that is more comfortable.

If you wear the kind of hearing aid that fits completely within your ear or has any sort of custom molded piece, the itching may well be from dirt and bacteria. Clean your mold each morning with an alcohol pad and store the hearing aid in an electronic dryer that has a UV light option. Keeping the earpiece scrupulously clean is the best way to stop the itching.

Whatever the cause, be sure to talk to your audiologist and let her help you find the solution.

Stay Vibrant!

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