Month: October 2014

Hearing Protection for Hunters

Ahhh … the sweet sounds of the Elk bugle. Did you hear that? If you have a high-frequency hearing loss, chances are you missed it. The majestic Elk has a very distinctive voice and uses several different types of bugles, depending on his intent. Some of his vocalizations are grunty mutterings; others are heartbreakingly plaintive. Many hunters pay for their passion with a hearing 

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Sudden Hearing Loss

The abrupt loss of hearing, whether in one or both ears, demands urgent attention, constituting a potential emergency. While the cause could be as simple as earwax, there exists a rare condition known as idiopathic sudden sensorineural hearing loss that requires immediate medical intervention for any chance of hearing restoration. Defined by a rapid onset within 72 hours, sudden sensorineural 

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