Hearing Protection for Hunters

Ahhh … the sweet sounds of the Elk bugle. Did you hear that? If you have a high-frequency hearing loss, chances are you missed it. The majestic Elk has a very distinctive voice and uses several different types of bugles, depending on his intent. Some of his vocalizations are grunty mutterings; others are heartbreakingly plaintive.

Many hunters pay for their passion with a hearing loss. Unfortunately, the most common type of hearing loss, that occurring in the high-frequencies, initially prevents the hunter from localizing the whereabouts of the Elk and, eventually, from hearing the bugle at all.

If you are a hunter, you can tackle this problem two ways. If your hearing is still pretty good, wear hearing protection whenever and wherever possible. There are some impressive custom hearing protection devices available that allow you to hear when and what you want to and protect your hearing should you get lucky enough to have an opportunity to discharge your weapon of choice.

If you already have a hearing loss and are struggling to hear (or find!) your target, you are in luck. There are effective ways of both amplifying the sounds you are missing as well as protecting the precious hearing that remains. If you wear hearing aids, we can even incorporate them into an effective and comfortable solution.

The first step, of course, is to have your hearing tested and talk to one of our audiologists about what you’re hearing, what you’re missing, and your hunting goals. We can definitely help!

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