Month: December 2014

The Day of the Fitting

Congratulations! You’re not just getting hearing aids, you are treating yourself to better relationships and stronger social connections. Before you go to your fitting appointment, look back over your notes and remind yourself of what you are hoping to accomplish. You might also consider taking someone to the appointment with you. There is a lot to learn and talk about, 

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The First Visit

So you think you have a hearing loss. At least, that’s what everyone is telling you. If you have already made an appointment to see and audiologist, you are a rock star! And you probably have a few questions about what is going to happen. Be sure to arrive about 10 minutes early to take care of a little paperwork. 

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Finding The Right Audiologist

The transition from the last year to the next tends to give us pause. Most of us take a moment to turn our thoughts inward and reflect on how we would like to see our lives change and improve during the coming year. For some, that means finally acknowledging hearing loss and seeking information and help. If you are reading 

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Half of Teens Say They Experience Hearing Loss Symptoms Regularly — Is Your Teen One of Them?

About four years ago, Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston hosted a national study on the increasing prevalence of hearing loss in teens. The study found that the incidence of hearing loss in teens had increased from about 15 percent to 19.5 percent over the course of a decade. Though most hearing loss was rated as mild (loss of 

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