Preparing to Meet Your New Audiologist

So you think you have a hearing loss. At least that’s what everyone is telling you. If you have already made an appointment to see an audiologist, you are a rock star! And you probably have a few questions about what is going to happen. In next week’s blog (and for a few more weeks), you will get all the information you need about the testing and fitting process. But first let’s slow down a little and talk about you. And everyone else.

To prepare for your appointment with the audiologist, make a few notes about your hearing and, more specifically, what impact it might have on your life.

  • Does your spouse make comments?
  • Is the TV too loud?
  • Have you stopped going to worship services?

The way hearing loss impacts your life is the single most important thing you will discuss with your audiologist — not hearing aids, not the hearing loss, not the wax in your ears. None of that is nearly as important.

Take the time to try to understand and record how your hearing loss affects you and the people nearest to you. Also, don’t be afraid to ask others. Treating your hearing loss is just as important to the people who love you, and they deserve to have some input. In fact, if you have a spouse or a best friend, they should go to the appointment too.

Your audiologist will likely ask you to identify three situations in which you would like to hear better. Understanding what your listening priorities are will help him or her tailor a hearing solution that is just right for your unique listening needs and lifestyle.


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