Month: April 2015

Moisture, Earwax, and Hearing Aids

Not too long ago, the #1 cause of hearing aid repairs was moisture exposure. Unfortunately, it was rarely the literal form, such as accidental showers or ill-timed pool tosses. The hearing aid circuits, microphones, and speakers were needing repairs due to moisture from our own bodies. On average, the humidity of a healthy ear canal is about 60% (the range 

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Beyond the Hearing Aids: Aural Rehabilitation

Your hearing aids are awesome! They are incredibly helpful in many listening environments — yet you’re still frustrated by your hearing loss. Sound familiar? If so, you’re in a huge and diverse club made up of just about everyone with a hearing loss. Let’s talk about why these frustrations remain. Let’s start with your ear. Think of your hearing system 

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University of Montana Scholarship Opportunity

Vibrant Hearing is one of 20 Montana-owned businesses that will be providing an academic scholarship valued at $30,000 to one fortunate student, to attend the University of Montana. This is an exclusive partnership that also includes the Office of the President, the University of Montana Foundation, and the Missoulian. We are all going to help change one student’s life forever. On May 

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Implantable Hearing Devices

About once a week, someone asks about implantable hearing devices. The answers are never simple; there are multiple devices available, and all of the manufacturers do some pretty heavy marketing. Let’s take a minute and cover the basics. Cochlear Implant Historically, the cochlear implant has been reserved for people whose hearing loss is so profound that every attempt at using 

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Tinnitus Habituation Therapy

Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, can be distressing — even maddening at times! Despite the sophistication of modern scanning and diagnostic technologies, we still have a lot to learn about the causes and mechanisms of tinnitus. Most current tinnitus treatments are developed with the goal of habituation. Tinnitus habituation is accomplished by reducing or eliminating the negative reaction to 

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