Month: March 2018

Taking On Tinnitus: Hope for the Future, Solutions Today

Tinnitus — that buzzing, ringing, whistling, or clicking in the ear that no one else seems to hear — might not yet be curable, but science isn’t taking that lying down! With some 50 million Americans alone and others worldwide experiencing this sometimes-debilitating condition, researchers are determined to uncover its secrets and find new ways of fighting back. Check out 

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Hearing Aid Safety During Spring Activities

Blooming flowers, warm rains, gentle sun, and nesting birds — May is a beautiful time to get outdoors and enjoy the sounds of spring. Keep your hearing aids at optimal performance by following these tips to ensure you’re getting the most out of Better Hearing Month. Swimming Moisture is the No. 1 cause of hearing aid malfunction. Unless your hearing 

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From Grilling to Graduation: Tips for Hearing Well With Friends and Family

You watch the road while listening to music in the car. You listen to your cousin’s crazy stories while playing board games with nieces and nephews. You’re a pro at listening while your eyes are focused on something else, right? Not so, according to a recent study in Scientific Reports, which found that not looking at what you’re listening to slows your 

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Use Your Brain!

Your ears serve as the gateway to a symphony of sounds, but it’s your incredible brain that orchestrates the act of hearing. The human brain boasts a complex network of connections, processing an astonishing influx of sound information every second and transforming it into meaningful experiences. The way this happens is nothing short of miraculous! Picture this scenario: You’re sitting 

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Trying Hearing Loss For a Day

We, as humans, interact with our environment through our senses. We experience culture through taste, calm each other’s nerves through touch, investigate through smell, navigate through sight, and generally communicate through hearing. Every day, our senses engage us in new, raw, and unique learning experiences. So what happens when we lose one of them? I went about my Saturday the 

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