Month: March 2019

The Effect of Hearing Aids on Dementia

Treating your hearing loss benefits your life in ways you might not have considered, such as greater confidence, better physical health, and stronger relationships. Did you know it also has a positive impact on dementia? Hearing Loss and Dementia In 2011 a landmark study by Frank Lin and colleagues clearly linked hearing loss and dementia. Since then, study results have been mixed regarding 

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Paw-nder This: Hearing Loss Also Affects Our Canine Fur-ends

Dogs. They’re just like us. They’re gaga for treats. They love it when the mail comes. And they’re always down for some playtime in the park. But did you know? Man’s best friend has something else in common with us humans: hearing loss. HOW COMMON IS HEARING LOSS IN DOGS? With an estimated 20 percent of Americans 12 and older, 

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