Comprehensive Auditory Processing Evaluations For Those in Missoula, MT

Does your child struggle to follow instructions, often mishearing or misinterpreting what is being said? Are you an adult who finds it challenging to understand conversations in noisy environments? If so, you may benefit from an auditory processing evaluation at our Missoula, Montana, clinic.

At Vibrant Hearing, we understand that auditory processing difficulties can significantly impact daily life. Our comprehensive evaluations provide valuable insights into how the brain processes sound, helping individuals of all ages overcome challenges and maximize their potential.

Otolaryngologist doctor checking senior womans ear using otoscope or auriscope at medical center. Hearing test for older people, otoscopy

What Is Auditory Processing Disorder?

Auditory Processing Disorder (APD), is a neurodevelopmental condition that affects how the brain processes and interprets auditory information. People with APD often struggle to make sense of what they hear, even though their hearing is typically normal. This disorder can manifest in various ways, including difficulty understanding speech in noisy environments, trouble distinguishing between similar sounds, and challenges with following directions or remembering auditory information.

Our Auditory Processing Evaluations

To begin your auditory processing evaluation, we will send a pre-appointment questionnaire to learn your medical history, communication concerns, and any symptoms you’ve experienced. Next, our specialists will perform a physical examination of your ears. Then your audiologist will then guide you through a series of tests to assess your ability to understand speech under various conditions. You can expect your auditory processing evaluation to take 90 minutes to two hours to complete.

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Are you interested in learning more about the auditory processing evaluations we provide? If so, contact Vibrant Hearing today or visit us at our Missoula, MT, clinic.

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