Thorough Auditory Processing Evaluations for Plains, MT, Residents

Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) can significantly impact daily life, but with the right diagnosis and support, you can overcome these challenges. At Vibrant Hearing, we specialize in diagnosing and evaluating auditory processing disorders using state-of-the-art auditory processing evaluations. Our team of highly trained doctors and audiologists is dedicated to helping individuals in the Plains, Montana, area, uncover the root cause of their auditory difficulties and provide personalized treatment recommendations.A group of friends talking.

What is Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)?

Auditory Processing Disorder is a neurological condition that affects how the brain processes and interprets sounds. While individuals with normal hearing may hear sounds accurately, those with APD struggle to make sense of them. This can lead to difficulties with:

  • Following a series of directions
  • Telling different sounds apart
  • Understanding what people say and often asking them to repeat themselves
  • Processing information that was quickly spoken
  • Maintaining attention while a speaker’s voice is muffled or distorted
  • Understanding speech when there is background noise
  • Learning a language
  • Interpreting sarcasm or jokes
  • Writing down verbally communicated information
  • Pinpointing the exact location a sound is coming from
  • Reading, writing, and other academics

Our Approach

At our center, we take a comprehensive and individualized approach to diagnose APD. Our experienced doctors utilize a range of auditory processing evaluations to assess different aspects of auditory processing, such as sound discrimination, temporal processing, and auditory memory. These evaluations, combined with a thorough case history and observation, enable us to accurately diagnose APD and identify the specific areas of auditory processing that need attention.

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If you’re interested in scheduling an auditory processing evaluation, contact Vibrant Hearing today! We’re looking forward to meeting you at our clinic located just a short drive away from Plains, MT.

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