Month: July 2013

Vibrant Hearing’s Headlines & Happenings

  As July comes to a close we’d like to thank all the coordinators and contributors of the events we participated in and congratulate them on outstanding accomplishments! The Jadyn Fred Foundation held their 12th annual golf tournament and had a fantastic turnout! The International Choral Festival rocked Missoula with 5 days of music from all over the country and world! 

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Hearing Loss and Dementia

  Q:  I’ve heard that there’s a link between hearing loss and dementia—is this true? A:  This subject has been in the news quite a bit lately. For years researchers have suspected a connection between hearing loss and dementia, but just this year a study funded by the National Institutes of Health determined that a mild hearing loss of 25 decibels (dB) can increase 

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Why Are My Hearing Aid Batteries Dead Already?

Why are my hearing aid batteries dead already? Here’s a list of potential culprits: Moisture- from perspiration to high humidity to accidental dunking’s. Excessive moisture will either clog the little air vents in the battery or cause excessive swelling of the chemicals in the battery and reduce the life or interrupt the voltage. Many modern hearing aids are amazing but 

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Hearing Aid Batteries 101

The four common sizes of hearing aid batteries from smallest to largest are: 10 (yellow tab), 312 (brown tab), 13 (orange tab), and 675 (blue tab). The smallest battery will last between 3-6 days while the largest will last a little longer than 2 weeks. All hearing aid batteries have little holes on the positive (flat) side. When you remove 

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Adjusting To New Hearing Aids

First, congratulations on taking the big step toward better hearing! Sometimes, the let-down after being fit with new hearing aids can be as frustrating as the hearing loss. Many people are still bothered by other noises and environmental sounds they aren’t used to hearing. This is a perfectly normal initial reaction! Imagine if your leg was immobilized for 7 years 

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It Quit. Again.

Nothing is more frustrating than loving your hearing aids and one of them quitting. The most common cause of hearing aid failure is moisture and debris on either the microphone or the speaker. If you think about it, the hearing aids have to work on (and in!) a human body 12 hours or more a day every day for years! 

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