Vibrant Hearing’s Headlines & Happenings


As July comes to a close we’d like to thank all the coordinators and contributors of the events we participated in and congratulate them on outstanding accomplishments! The Jadyn Fred Foundation held their 12th annual golf tournament and had a fantastic turnout! The International Choral Festival rocked Missoula with 5 days of music from all over the country and world! See one clip here:! Missoula’s Relay for Life raised over $96,000 at their event! Congratulations to everyone for great outcomes!

Our outreach in Missoula continues…We currently visit these assisted and dependent care facilities: The Springs, Village Health Care Center and Village Senior Residence, Grizzly Peak, Riverside Health Care Center, Hillside Health Care Center, and Beehive Homes to clean and check resident’s hearing aids and help everyone to hear well! If you have a facility where you would like this service please let us know! Dr. Hallenbeck also held a meeting with other members of our community who are passionate about delivering assistive and rehabilitative care for people who have hearing loss. Among the topics being discussed were ‘how to deliver information to consumers both in Missoula and around the state’, ‘how to make information and assistive equipment more accessible’, and ‘clearing up common myths and misconceptions.’ Our small coalition includes devoted individuals like Kathy Laurin, Director of MonTECH, and Mary Koch Cline, Communicative Sciences and Disorders Educator. If you know anyone who is interested in joining our group please email [email protected]. Vibrant is committed to continually working toward better accessibility of hearing health care. We are still in the process of finalizing some details for our foundation and will keep you posted on those changes as well!

Stay Vibrant!

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