Why Are My Hearing Aid Batteries Dead Already?

Why are my hearing aid batteries dead already? Here’s a list of potential culprits:

  1. Moisture- from perspiration to high humidity to accidental dunking’s.

Excessive moisture will either clog the little air vents in the battery or cause excessive swelling of the chemicals in the battery and reduce the life or interrupt the voltage.

  1. Many modern hearing aids are amazing but also use voltage draining circuits such as multi-channel processing and noise reduction technology.

Try not to compare the battery life of your older technology with the battery life of your newer technology. The advantages of the newer technology far outweigh the shorter battery life.

  1. Accessories. Most new hearing aids are capable of connecting to other devices with an FM signal or Bluetooth. The addition of these ‘streaming’ capabilities is a real drain on battery life.
  2. Altitude- altitude has a greatest effect on batteries if they are near the end of their life. Be sure to put in fresh batteries before you fly!
  3. False alarms! If your hearing aids have a ‘low battery’ indicator, you are more likely to get a false warning. The best way to understand how long YOUR batteries should last is to keep track for a month or so. Just put a little mark or the sticker from the battery on the calendar each time you change the battery. Because the voltage sometimes dips, the hearing aid might think the battery is low when, in fact, it is perfectly fine. If this happens too often, ask your provider to disable the battery warning.
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