Month: August 2013

7 Ways to Make Your Hearing Aids Last As Long As Possible

1. Clean your hearing aids every day; particularly the part that sits in your ear. Check out these cleaning tips. Take your instruments to your provider for routine maintenance. There is no charge for this service and it is, by far, the best way to catch and fix small problems. Invest in a hearing aid dryer/dehumidifier. These little gadgets will 

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Hearing Loss and Restaurants: How to Improve Your Experience

  Trying to listen is a noisy restaurant is hard enough with normal hearing. The trouble is compounded if you have hearing loss or wear hearing aids. Follow these easy tips to make your next night out on the town more enjoyable. Call ahead and reserve your table. The noisiest spots in a restaurant are usually near the kitchen, the bar, 

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What Am I Signing?

Does it seem like you have to sign a new document every time you go the doctor? And dentist? And even the audiologist? Do you ever wonder why? To protect YOU. Your providers have a lot of private information about you they go through great efforts to make sure that your personal and health privacy are well protected. In 1996 

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