Hearing Loss and Restaurants: How to Improve Your Experience


Trying to listen is a noisy restaurant is hard enough with normal hearing. The trouble is compounded if you have hearing loss or wear hearing aids. Follow these easy tips to make your next night out on the town more enjoyable.

Call ahead and reserve your table. The noisiest spots in a restaurant are usually near the kitchen, the bar, and the hostess area.

Choose a seat so that your back is to the crowd in the restaurant. The more of the restaurant you can put behind you the better off you will be.

Ask your waitress to provide you with a written version of the night’s specials rather than trying to listen over the crowd. If a written version is not available, ask the waiter to bend down so he is at eye level and speak to you, specifically, rather than trying to address the group. The Chef is proud of the night’s special dish and you don’t want to miss a delectable experience!

Avoid facing a sunny window. It is very hard to see the person you are listening too if the bright light is behind them. If you must sit by a window, be sure the light is shining ON the person you are sitting with.

If you are dining with a group, sit in the middle and avoid the ends. It is awfully hard to hear from the end of the table! Make sure you are sitting beside and directly across from the people that you are most looking forward to taking to.

Happy dining & Stay Vibrant!

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