7 Ways to Make Your Hearing Aids Last As Long As Possible

1. Clean your hearing aids every day; particularly the part that sits in your ear. Check out these cleaning tips.

  1. Take your instruments to your provider for routine maintenance. There is no charge for this service and it is, by far, the best way to catch and fix small problems.
  2. Invest in a hearing aid dryer/dehumidifier. These little gadgets will prolong the life of your hearing aids and batteries as well as reduce contamination and bacteria growth.
  3. Use only fresh batteries that are well-known and reliable. Power One is an excellent brand!
  4. Use protection sleeves over your hearing aids if you are going to be near dust or moisture. Your provider should have a stock of protectors that you can slip on your hearing aids so you can wear them without concern.
  5. Did I mention routine maintenance? You probably don’t even need an appointment! Whenever you’re in the neighborhood, stop in and let them spend a few minutes checking, cleaning and testing your investment.
  6.  If an extended warranty is offered, take it! The cost of the warranty is often far less than that of a repair. All hearing aids need to be repaired eventually so be sure you’re covered!
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