Month: October 2013

Risk of Hearing Loss Has Never Been Greater

With increases in the prevalence of technology over the past decade, our lives have never been busier and more full of distractions—and we’ve never been more at risk for hearing loss than we are now. Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) used to be considered a problem that only the elderly faced, but over the prior three decades, hearing loss increases have 

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October Headlines & Happenings

During the month of October, Vibrant Hearing is hosting a toiletry drive to support the mission of the Povarello Center. Please drop off toiletry donations to the Missoula Vibrant Hearing office. The Povarello provides for the immediate needs of 300-350 Missoulians per day. Some of those needs are more basic than you might guess. Please consider a monetary or toiletry donation, 

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My Ears Itch. What Should I Do?

Itchy ears are a common and annoying problem and one that can be frustrating to try to solve. If you wear hearing aids and have no known skin conditions then the itching is likely cause by bacteria, over cleaning, or the fine little hairs in your ear canal being tickled by the hearing aid piece in your ear. We all 

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Hunters: Protect Your Hearing with DefendEar by Westone

If you are preparing to take to the field this fall, make sure you protect your hearing with the most comfortable, effective hearing protection available! In order to better protect our patients, this fall we are offering DefendEar—custom-molded earplugs that will not only protect you from the damaging sound of muzzle blasts, but will also help you hear better in 

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