Hunters: Protect Your Hearing with DefendEar by Westone

If you are preparing to take to the field this fall, make sure you protect your hearing with the most comfortable, effective hearing protection available! In order to better protect our patients, this fall we are offering DefendEar—custom-molded earplugs that will not only protect you from the damaging sound of muzzle blasts, but will also help you hear better in the field!

Custom molded to fit securely in your ear, DefendEar Shooters earplugs are comfortable enough to wear all day—much more comfortable than generic foam or rubber earplugs. And DefendEar hearing protection not only provides you with state-of-the-art protection, it includes a compact amplifying device that can help you hear your hunting companions and the sounds of your hunt! The amplifiers are specifically designed to boost speech while blocking damaging levels of noise from reaching your ears, so you can converse with your friends without having to remove your earplugs. You can be ready for whatever comes your way!

DefendEar also works great at those thundering college football stadiums as well! Don’t let your favorite fall activities jeopardize your hearing health. Call our office today at 406.549.1951 to schedule a FREE hearing protection consultation, and learn how you can enjoy your hunt with comfortable, safe, natural hearing.

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