Month: April 2014

iPhone Hearing Aid Apps

If you have picked up a newspaper or read last week’s blog post, then you are probably familiar with the incredible new technology that allows seamless use of an iPhone. But, if you have invested in AGX hearing aids in the last couple of years, another investment probably doesn’t seem like an attractive idea. Guess what? Your current hearing aids 

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Made for iPhone Hearing Aid

It’s finally here! A hearing system that is made specifically to integrate seamlessly with the iPhone. Imagine, talking on your cell phone privately and still being able to hear clearly. That’s right folks, the days of using the speaker are over. Those silly earbuds everyone else gets tangled in? Banish them! You can stream music from your phone to your 

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iPhone and Hearing Aids: Part 2

The last few posts have been about specific and useful features of the iPhone. This week we will talk about some fun but optional features. Did you know your iPhone will allow closed captions? Just navigate back to your favorite ‘Accessibility’ menu and scroll down to ‘Subtitles and Captioning.’ If you’re of a certain age and the small stuff is getting a little 

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iPhone and Hearing Aids: Part 1

One of the little known features of the iPhone is the ‘LED Flash for Alerts.’ When you enable this feature, the flash on the back of your iPhone will signal the notification that you have a message/call/etc. This prevents you from having to have the ringer turned up to the maximum position and it keeps you from checking your phone a hundred 

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