iPhone Hearing Aid Apps

If you have picked up a newspaper or read last week’s blog post, then you are probably familiar with the incredible new technology that allows seamless use of an iPhone. But, if you have invested in AGX hearing aids in the last couple of years, another investment probably doesn’t seem like an attractive idea. Guess what? Your current hearing aids are probably compatible with the iPhone too! With the simple download of a really cool app and the addition of a Streamer Pro 1.2 to your hearing system, you can enjoy the advantages of the newest technology AND a few more that the iPhone dedicated hearing aids don’t even offer. You are smarter than you thought and the AGX technology you have already invested in, with a simple upgrade, can be even better!

What if you don’t have an iPhone? You aren’t alone. In fact, only 25% of smartphone users have an iPhone. That means the majority of us likely use an Android based (or similar) phone. Lucky you, most of the technology that has been developed to integrate with the latest hearing aids are already compatible with your phone. See? You were already cool!

Fun Fact: Snakes hear through the jaw bone and through a traditional inner ear. In essence, snakes have two distinct hearing mechanisms, which helps them hear and catch prey

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