Stay Connected During the Holidays: 7 Tips for Hearing Your Best


Whether parties or dinners, there are countless opportunities during the holidays to gather with loved ones. That means plenty of chances to practice our tips for giving yourself the greatest gift of all: connection. Read on to get started.

Give Yourself a Firm Foundation

  1. Put together a holiday better-hearing kit and keep it in your bag or purse wherever you go. Include extra batteries, a cleaning set, a dehumidifier, extra domes or tubing, and an older set of hearing aids if you have them.


Around the Table

Meals are a big part of the holidays — we want to help you get your fill of both the food and the festivities with these better-hearing tips for the table.

  1. Speak up
    If you feel comfortable doing so, give a gentle reminder to slow down, speak up, and talk directly to you. It will go a long way — for you and for those in the conversation.
  2. Find a friend
    Sit near a relative you enjoy talking to and who won’t mind repeating things for you if you miss something. Also, pick a seat at the table where there is less noise to drown out your conversation.
  3. Sit strategically
    If possible, avoid spots near the kitchen or underneath a speaker. Even better, request a spot away from noise and with enough light to provide you the advantage of reading lips and seeing facial expressions.


It’s Party Time

Parties are a must for holiday fun, whether with your co-workers or loved ones. Put on your boogie shoes and put your best foot forward with these communication ideas.

  1. Turn down the background noise
    The host’s job is to help you enjoy yourself, so if you feel comfortable doing so, ask them to turn down the music or television. We’re sure everyone will appreciate not having to yell!
  2. The fewer, the merrier
    Situating yourself among fewer people can help you focus more on what’s being said — as well as boost your hearing confidence.
  3. Direct the action
    Just like at the table, if you feel comfortable, remind those around you that it can be hard to hear with a lot of background noise (not just for you but for everyone!). Try helping them help you: How could they speak differently to help you hear better?

We want to help keep your spirits merry and bright — if you’ve experienced a lack of clarity at gatherings lately, contact us today for a hearing consultation.

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