Earwax – What’s the Obsession?

Earwax (or, more properly, cerumen) is really cool stuff! It is a bug repellent, dust catcher and skin conditioner; it also has both anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. A little earwax is a good thing!

Most people don’t like the wet feeling they have after a shower and will use a cotton swab to dry out the canal. An effective solution for sure, but that swab also removes the necessary layer of earwax that was produced the day before. When you remove that conditioning later of wax you put your ear at risk of both fungal and bacterial infections, weeping, itching, and general nastiness. If the creepy wet feeling really bothers you, use some tissue. If you absolutely MUST use a cotton swab, hold the swab at the base of the cotton tip and don’t use much pressure.

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