Train Your Brain to Hear Better

Most folks wait seven or more years to treat their hearing loss. That is seven years after diagnosis, which means your brain has been missing some of the auditory information it needs for almost a decade (or more!). Just like any unused body part, your brain is going to need some serious rehab to maximize its hearing performance, and a hearing aid is an important first step. Without some form of assistive hearing technology, there is no chance you will hear better.

However, without a little rehab work, the hearing device can only help so much. To truly maximize the benefits of a hearing device and achieve the most effortless communication possible, you must train your brain to process and respond to all of the “new” input. Auditory training, commonly referred to as aural rehabilitation, is easy, and there are many ways you can help yourself. Over the next couple of weeks, I will blog about the most effective aural rehab methods. Today is a quick note about an online training program called LACE.

LACE, short for Listening And Communication Enhancement, is a web-based interactive aural rehab program that you can use at your own pace. LACE is a legitimate and well-researched program and has received a warm welcome from audiologists around the world. Using the LACE program can improve your ability to understand speech in noise up to 40 percent!

Stay Vibrant!

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