Annual Hearing Check-Ups

We all get those little annual reminders in the mail. From getting your tires rotated to having your teeth cleaned, some things must be done. Seeing your audiologist should definitely be on that list. Why? Because things change; our bodies, our lifestyles, our ability to hear.

Annual hearing check-ups gives your audiologist the opportunity to test your hearing and assess the performance of your hearing aids based on any new information. At that time she can make any necessary adjustments or re-configurations to your current hearing technology so you can hear well for another year.

She will also take the opportunity to keep you up to date on new industry research, the latest hearing technology, and any other services that are offered or available to you.

What you should expect during your annual visit:

  • Your hearing will be tested and results will be compared to those obtained at the previous visit.
  • Your hearing aids will be inspected and tested to ensure they are still meeting factory specifications.
  • Your warranty period will be reviewed and alternatives will be discussed if the warranty expiration is pending.
  • If your original manufacturer’s warranty will be expiring soon, it will likely be recommended that your hearing aids be sent back to the manufacturer for a final inspection. Loaners may be available for you to wear in the meantime.
  • If your hearing or lifestyle have changed, your hearing aids will be adjusted accordingly.

When you get that little card in the mail from your audiologist make that appointment. It will give the two of you a chance to catch up and focus on you hearing. Remember, you ears are ‘on’ all day, every day. Why not give them the attention they deserve?

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