Caption Call

Vibrant Hearing is thrilled to be part of a partnership with Caption Call. A few months ago we introduced the partnership and the new phones have since been installed in dozens of homes and the results are nothing short of amazing! The trainers from Caption Call coordinated with our clients, went to their homes, installed the phones, and provided individualized training. The responses have been so positive! People are talking to their children, family, and friends near and far and re-connecting on the telephone simply and effectively.

Caption Call’s level of service has exceeded our expectations. They even installed one in our office so everyone can try it.

What is it? Imagine talking on the phone. No fun, right? Now imagine the same conversation, but this time, when you didn’t quite understand what the other person said, you can look down and read it. That’s it!

Captioned telephones are provided to people with documented hearing loss at no charge through private companies to meet the requirements of a federal program. This program is regulated by the Federal Communications Commission. There are many types of Telecommunication Relay Services and Captioned Calling is only one.

If you have trouble on the phone, call us and we will help determine what is most suitable for you and your abilities.

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