Helping Someone Hear Better Is Easier Than You Think

Donations, Recycling, Giveaways, and Your Support

At Vibrant Hearing, giving back is part of who we are. We’re honored to give back to our community and beyond, helping people in need around the world hear their best.

Here are four ways we help, and you can too!

  • Donations — A portion of the proceeds from every Starkey hearing aid we sell is donated to the Starkey Hearing Foundation.
  • Recycling — Our in-office recycling program provides hearing aids to refurbish and donate during the Starkey Hearing Foundation’s international missions.
  • Giveaways — Each year we celebrate our anniversary with a hearing aid giveaway for someone in need. For 2016 we’re inviting the community to join us by donating old hearing aids to our recycling program. One lucky participant will win a new pair of hearing aids.
  • Support — We support local community events and organizations throughout the year. Follow us on Facebook for the latest events and more.

Call us today for questions about any of these programs, or simply check out the links above!


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