All About the New Oticon Dynamo & Plus Power Devices

Oticon, our trusted hearing solutions manufacturer, treats hearing loss a little differently. They recognize that hearing doesn’t happen in your ears but rather in your brain. With their “brain first” approach, they’ve designed hearing aids to complement this understanding with Oticon Dynamo and Plus Power (for those with severe to profound hearing loss).

Oticon Dynamo is the most powerful compact BTE13 super-power device from Oticon. Plus Power, the newest addition to the AGXO h300v2 series, is the world’s smallest power-BTE solution and the most powerful solution in its class designed for people with severe hearing loss.

Power Personalized for Your Needs

“Adults with severe to profound hearing losses have generally been living with their losses for a long time – sometimes for decades,” says Chris Cox, audiologist for Audigy Group. “They know what they can and cannot hear, and they have very specific preferences based on their experience with many hearing devices over the years. To be able to serve their needs most effectively, our audiologists listen and learn from each individual.”


  • The technology is fine-tuned to your unique hearing profile and sound preferences.
  • It offers the clearest sound possible to help your brain make sense of sound.
  • You can enjoy better speech understanding and a more natural listening experience.
  • Wireless connectivity enables a world of easy connection to phone calls, music players, mobile and computer chats, podcasts, TV and more. There is even an app for smartphones.
  • The device can be worn in combination with a cochlear implant in the opposite ear.

What’s New

  • You have the ability to access more of the important details of everyday conversation.
  • Speech Guard E and Speech Rescue™ features work together to protect the clarity of sound.
  • Speech Rescue “rescues” important speech frequencies that might otherwise be lost (like “s” and “th”).
  • Speech Guard E preserves the nuances of speech so that Dynamo wearers benefit from a full sound experience even in challenging listening environments.
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