Stuck at home? We are too!

Hi there! While we are all resigned to this new reality, it can be super frustrating if your hearing system isn’t working properly. Even though our doors are locked we have devised a mail-in system so we can take care of you. Using a high-performance UV system, we are sanitizing your equipment before we mail it back to you so you can feel safe when you open your package.

If your hearing aids aren’t working correctly call us and leave a message. We will check the messages every day and call you back within 2 business days. We will help you over the phone or we can set up a video call. When needed, we can send you a pre-paid mailer so you can send us your equipment. When we receive your hearing aid(s) we will repair it and perform electroacoustic testing and mail it back to you on the same day. If we can’t repair your technology in our lab, we will call you with alternative ideas. There will be no charge to you for postage, supplies, or in-house lab work.

Before you call, try this:

  1. If your hearing aids use disposable batteries, put in fresh ones.
  2. If your hearing aids are rechargeable, put the aids in the charger and wait for 30 seconds for the aids to re-boot.
  3. You may want to grab a pair of reader/cheaters for this: Using a bright light source, look at the part of the hearing aid that sits in your ear canal. Is it clean? Remember, for a hearing aid to work properly, sound has to be able to enter the microphone and exit the speaker. So that speaker needs to be completely clear of wax and dry skin.
  4. To keep ear-wax off of the speaker (the part that sits in your ear) most hearing aid use a filter/ wax guard. Even if everything looks clean, change that filter. It will probably help a lot.
  5. If your hearing aid does not use a filter, you can use the cleaning loop in your hearing aid care kit to gently remove the wax. (don’t use a toothpick! The little tips will break off in the channel).
  6. If you have any alcohol (no, not THAT kind of alcohol, you silly goose), moisten a lint-free cloth and wipe down the entire hearing aid. Let the aid sit for about 5 minutes after you clean it before trying it again.
  7. Remember to open and close the battery door or re-boot it using your charger.

Still not working properly? Give us a call. There is a team of dedicated and very bored professionals that are climbing the walls and watching weird videos on You Tube and they would love to help you!

Take care of yourself, stay health and keep safe.

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