How Tinnitus May Increase Your Risk of Injury

Workers With Tinnitus and High-Frequency Hearing Loss Face an Increased Injury Risk

The up to 50 million U.S. citizens with tinnitus know just how pesky constant ringing in the ears can be. The annoying tones can last for days, weeks, or months at a time and can be debilitating. But tinnitus isn’t actually dangerous, is it?

For some it might be — depending on your occupation. According to a new study from Yale University, workers with a history of tinnitus and high-frequency hearing loss are 25% more likely to be injured on the job. Researchers looked at 9,900 production and maintenance workers over a six-year period and found that injuries occurred at a greater rate when those employees were affected by both tinnitus and high-frequency hearing loss. Those with tinnitus and low-frequency hearing loss did not face the same risk of injury, but they were more likely to sustain injuries than those with normal hearing.

About 90% of tinnitus cases coincide with a hearing loss, so if you’ve got tinnitus, there’s a high likelihood you have hearing loss also. This study is particularly interesting because, in previous major studies, only hearing loss had been associated with an increased risk of injuries. This research shows that tinnitus may also have a measurable impact on safety and health.

If you’re experiencing tinnitus, you’re not alone. About 10% to 15% of the U.S. population have their own unique cases with their own unique “sound prints.” Effective treatment is available, and you can find relief through a variety of therapeutic methods. Please call our office today at (406) 552-0412 to set up your free tinnitus consultation, and we’ll show you how we can help silence the constant, annoying ringing that interferes with everyday life.

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